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Who are we

Discover Banyak Islands (aka Pulau Banyak) at Nina's Bungalow.

The Banyak Island is an archipelago of 98 islands and islets packed in only 25km radius.

The place is still wild and Sikandang is an inhabited island except for our cottage.

We have unlimited sea, beach, coral and sun. So place your free booking right now.

Where is that?

Nina's bungalow is on Sikandang Island, in Banyak Island archipelago, west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.

Somewhere in the Indian Ocean, 2° North.

Here is the map:


Sikandang Island offer 5.7 km of continuous beach.

The calm sea around is perfect for snorkelling, fishing, spear-fishing.

If this island is not enough, the packed nature of the archipelago make it perfect for island-hopping.

We can organise kayaking, high-sea fishing, snorkelling trip, body-boarding, trekking, caving around the many islands

Sorry: no surfing. Well.... it is possible, but the surf break is 15km away

fish school around a rock girls in bikini island seen from canoe
fish school around a rock girls in bikini island seen from canoe
clown fishes

The Hotel

We have five independents bungalows with separate bathroom. The place also feature a restaurant and, of course, kilometres of sand beaches.

    Prices (1 bungalow with 3 meal/day):
  • 350 000 Rp (22€) per night for one person
  • 500 000 Rp (32€) per night for two persons
  • + 200 000 Rp (13€) per additional person in the same bungalow

Exchange rates:
  • 1 US$: 14500 rp
  • 1 Euro: 15500 rp
  • 1 AU$: 10500 rp

For more information, send email to banyak-island-bungalow@googlegroups.com
or call +62 852-7086-8591

front bungalow


We are still improving our services. Right now, we mostly serve local style foods like fried rice, fish curry vegetable soup and grilled fish.

Our standard prices are full pension. It includes:

  • 3 main meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • unlimited coffee, tea and water
  • snacks and fruits


Special food:

Rock lobster (aka Langouste) is available upon request, but you have to buy it (400.000 - 600.000 rupiahs / kg, depends on size and market price).

If you have special wishes (urchin, pork, sea cucumber, beer...), just ask us. We'll do our best to provide.

raw baguette grilled rock lobster

How to get There

The usual path is Medan (Sumatra, Indonesia) → Singkil → Balai Island → Nina's Bungalow (Sikandang island)

It is also possible to arrive from Nias Island

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wooden boat