Nina's Bungalow - The hotel

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The beach

The beach in front of the bungalow is protected from waves and stream and is perfect for swimming.

From your bungalow's terrace, you will often see schools of fish splashing while under attack

Coconut beach Nina's bungalow front view Sikandang beach

The basic bungalows

We have Five bungalows with separate bathroom

The place also feature a restaurant and, of course, kilometers of sand beaches.

    Prices (1 bungalow with 3 meal/day):
  • 400 000 Rp (24€) per night for one person
  • 600 000 Rp (36€) per night for two persons
  • + 200 000 Rp (12€) per additional person in the same bungalow

note: our prices are in Indonesian rupiah. Change rate may vary and are always bad in the island

Bungalow side view Inside a bungalow view from the beach

The family bungalows


We now have a comfy bungalow that can fit a whole family

  • 2 bedrooms, a living room and a large Veranda
  • Shower and toilet inside
  • Can comfortably fit 4 people
  • Can hold up to 8 people with mattresses in the living room
    Prices (bungalow with 3 meal/day):
  • 700 000 Rp (40€) per night for the empty bungalow
  • + 150 000 rp (7€) per persons (food and service)
family bungalow plan outside view inside view