Practical advices - What to bring on this desert island

Practical advices


You'd better get some cash in Medan or earlier. There is no ATM in the archipelago.

The ATM in Singkil accepts only Mastercard or local cards.

We only accept Euro, Australian Dollars and Rupiahs

We do not accept no US dollars because...well... Indonesian money changers have very perticuliar rules

Sun and mosquitoes

Do not forget protection against the sun and mosquitoes. Hat, long clothes, socks, sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

Protective clothing is usefull at dawn hours, the time when mosquitoes are most active. So far there have not been any cases of malaria, but it doesn't hurt to be careful!

Other dangers

Beside mosquitoes, wild fauna is not a big threat. If you are interested in photo safari, pythons, great white sharks and seawater crocodiles can be found in or near the archipelago

Local Python are armless (too small) but venimous snakes are a minor danger if you venture in the forest

Local reef sharks are not agressive. Bigger sharks can be found at large of the archipelago.

Despite the name, seawater crocodile are mostly freshwater dwellers. You can see many in Tuanku island, 5km away from Sikandang.


If you enjoy swimming and snorkeling, then welcome to Paradise. But don't forget it is always a dangerous activity

Sharks can be spotted but are no serious threat. Local fishermen routinely dive (compressor diving) without serious problems.

The seafloor is quite steep. So be careful if your children can not swim.

Streams and waves are relatively tame near Sikadang.

Unlike more touristic places, you don't have to worry about speedding boats or jetski.

Basic medical service and first aid are available at the clinic in Balai, the main village of the Banyaks.

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